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Minion® Math

“Minion® Math” is a set of mathematical fonts, designed to accompany the OpenType font family “Adobe Minion Pro” and extending it for mathematical typesetting.

Minion Math Example

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General Information

Minion Math consists of 20 fonts:
4 weights (Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold – just as Minion)
each in 5 optical sizes (Tiny, Caption, Text, Subhead, Display).

Minion Math offers an additional size “Tiny” for second-order superscripts and subscripts (at font sizes below 6pt); this optical size is not available with Adobe Minion Pro.

The Minion Math fonts are designed as an add-on package to Adobe Minion Pro.

From release version 1.020 onward (October 2011) all fonts contain a very complete glyph set for mathematical typesetting.

Support of additional mathematical alphabets is in preparation.

Font Format and Supported Typesetting Systems

The fonts are usable with traditional LaTeX, with Lua(La)TeX, Xe(La)TeX, ConTeXt, and with Microsoft Office.

  • Font format: OpenType (otf / cff)
    (Type 1 / pfb available upon request)
  • OpenType MATH table: supported since version 1.020
    (this allows math typesetting in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010)
  • LaTeX support: working (and under further development)
  • Lua(La)TeX and ConTeXt support: working (and under further development)

Support files are supplied free-of-charge. See the Support page for details.

Glyph Set

An overview of the glyph set is available here (pdf file, 4.2 MB).

The current version 1.026 contains about 3.300 glyphs in each font style.

Newly added in this version are the alphabets “Math Bold Roman” and “Math Bold Italic” (each with all Latin and Greek letters).

Since Release 1.020, each font style already contained approximately 2.900 glyphs, with a real Math Italic alphabet (wider than Text Italic, and with special kerning).

Each font style features the same large glyph set.

This covers all LaTeX “oldmath” plus “ams” and all “newmath” glyphs, and many more – except for math alphabets; these will be added in a later release
(included are “Math Italic” and “Blackboard Bold”; within LaTeX support currently the fonts “eufr” are used for Fraktur and “rsfs” for Formal Script).

The fonts already cover almost all Unicode math symbols. Complete support of all Unicode math glyphs is under development and will become available at a later stage.


The End User License Agreement (EULA) for Minion Math can be found here (html version) or as pdf here (pdf version).


The standard license is for a single user and for up to 5 CPUs.

Prices for a standard license are as follows:
   Net Price Full Price (incl. VAT)
— Single Font:   68.– €   80.92 €
— Basic Set (4 fonts):   184.– €   218.96 €
     (weight Regular with sizes Text, Caption, Tiny; choice of weight Semibold or Bold with size Text)
— Single Optical Size (4 fonts):   184.– €   218.96 €
     (choice of: Tiny, Caption, Text, Subhead, Display)
— Single Weight (5 fonts):   230.– €   273.70 €
     (choice of: Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold)
— Complete Font Set (20 fonts):   588.– €   699.72 €

German VAT of 19% is applicable within the European Union.
Outside of the EU, net prices apply.

Prices for multi-user licenses (i.e. more than one user and/or more than 5 CPUs) are available upon request.

Update and Upgrade Policy

Currently our policy is as follows (for single user licenses and individuals; for multi-user licenses and corporate licenses different conditions might apply):

Updates are supplied free-of-charge to all current licensees. The fonts are still under development, so licensees will benefit from any additions to the glyph set, improved kerning, technical additions, etc.

Upgrades will be subject to a fee, depending on the kind of upgrade. So far upgrades did not occur. An upgrade might be the case e.g. with new font formats, new technical developments, or a new version of Adobe Minion Pro which differs substantially, so that Minion Math has to be adapted.

How to Order

To order Minion Math fonts, please send an e-mail to minionmath@typoma.com, indicating which font set you wish to order. Please include your postal address.
Currently this is the only way to order the fonts; a webshop is in preparation.

If you do have any questions, please also send an e-mail to minionmath@typoma.com.

Minion Math in Use

Samples of Minion Math can be found in the conference presentations of Johannes Küster, especially in “Fonts for Mathematics”.

You could also have a look at www.motionmountain.eu (pdf files for download; a free physics text book typeset with Minion Pro and Minion Math).

This dissertation also uses (a preliminary version of) Minion Math.

Version Information

The current version of Minion Math is 1.026, released in May 2014. This version contains about 3.300 glyphs in each font style.

Development of the fonts continues. In the development version, each font style currently contains about 7.200 glyphs
(information last updated: February 2023).

Version History:
Version 1.026:   May 2014  –  ca. 400 additional gylphs
Version 1.023:   April 2012  –  minor corrections
Version 1.022:   March 2012  –  minor corrections
Version 1.021:   January 2012  –  minor corrections
Version 1.020:   October 2011  – OpenType MATH table, real Math Italic alphabet
Version 1.014:   April 2009  –  initial release

Minion Math was first released in November 2008 (version 1.012, limited to a few customers).

The working title of the fonts was “typoma MnMath”.

Minion is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries and is used under license.

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